From an early age I found beauty in natures obvious wonders and discovered that I saw wonder in the mundane as well. As I travelled I studied and observed. I learned from others who captured the world differently than I did. Artists inspired me and tortured me. I wanted more than just to practice techniques and produce replicates. I started drawing with pencils, conté, pastels and paper. Eventually I found my tools and my materials... I found my heart and my soul.

Encaustic painting is my favorite medium. The excitement that's released when I paint is as bright as the pigments I mix with the beeswax and the art created has a connection to all the artists' ― thousands of years before and after me. All other mediums can be mixed, overlapped, embedded, brushed and fused with beeswax, damar resin and natural pigments: the core ingredients. The results are amazing. The experience is that of discovery. Encaustic wills one to stare at, touch and smell it and covet a piece. I am devoted to art and delight in creating it.

Eva working with torch